Ocean citizenship

Ocean citizenship, the time is now! WHY?

In Italy beside its 7.500 km of coasts and the need to save the Mediterranean habitat little debate is generally devoted to sea issues. To respond to the sea environmental question the most realistic option seems to be more idealistic: a cultural revolution. Promoting ocean citizenship could spread the idea of individual and collective responsibility towards this vast and unique part of the planetary surface. However, the Italian school seems quite reluctant to pursue the marine environmental education and to spread the idea of ocean citizenship despite recommendations and guidelines by the main national educational agency MIUR. Given this, we have set up a research group named GREAM (Gruppo Ricerca Educazione Ambientale Marina) a research group for sea environment education) whose purpose is to investigate whether and how marine environmental education is dealt with at school in Italy. Moreover we are committed in studying approaches and tools to spread marine environmental education to love the sea as we firmly believe that an affective appropriation of a space is the initial step towards its understanding and care.

Who we are?

Gream is a self organized research group comprising highly motivated members: 2 academics, 10 primary and secondary school teachers and education science students.

Gream supports OCEAN LITERACY ITALIA (www.oceanliteracyitalia.it). Follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/groups/383449848696915) or email us!